Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Chuan Looi ; Lid & Let Live Exhibition // June 2014 .

♥ Hello worlddddd! Yes I'm still alive! HAHAHA! Anyway, I'm typing this while i wait for the bf to finish his programming exam. And woah man, this super super overdue entry will be 2 years old when June approaches. I actually kept this post pending for 2 years hahaha what the crapppp. But anyways, let me recall some of the details of this exhibition I went with a friend 2 years back. 

♥ The exhibition was held at Hin Bus Depot Art Centre and it was a exhibition I wanted to see really bad because who doesn't know who Chuan Looi is, like seriously? Chuan Looi takes amazing photos and his works are real gems. I'm not a art person but I do know about the quality of Chuan Looi's masterpieces. He's a amazing photographer and his pictures speaks. Vivid and alive. 

♥ I sincerely hope that anyone of you that is still reading this will enjoy the pictures as much as I do. I think I took pictures of his entire Lid and Let Live exhibition. I can't really remember but I think I did. Enjoy the pictures! ;)

♥ The most amazing part? Seeing Tracy Cheong and Duo Gigs there! Can't believe they're part of his work!

♥ And of course, Nicholas Teo too!

♥ I don't know if you guys will enjoy looking at all these like how much I do but I really hope you guys did enjoy. I have so many drafts pending but I'm not motivated to even edit them and publish them anymore. But I scrolled further and found this in my drafts. And I have to wait awhile for bf to finish so I thought why not? Haha. Anyway, we have come to the end of this post and I can't really say if I will continue updating. Because I'm no longer motivated. 

♥ But I saw my stats and found out that there are still people who comes back to read. You know what, I'm so thankful. Thank you for coming back to read tho this space is like dead now. I hope whoever that is still reading this will find joy in my old posts :) I really appreciate all the support. 

♥ My previous R & R 2015 received alot of views and I'm happy to be able to share the joy with you guys. Thank you for being happy for me. Thank you all for the support. It really means alot :)

♥ Till then, see you guys soon. Tho I can't really promise when will that be. But, I want to take this time to wish each and everyone of you all the best in whatever you're doing or gonna do and please take care! X 

♥ Lots of love, Karen xx

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