Saturday, December 31, 2016

Review Twenty Sixteen ♥

♥ Hellooooooo guys! So this is my annual routine and I've decided to make it mandatory so doesn't matter if I have time or not. I'll finish this like I how usually do in the previous years. I still see some of you guys reading this little space and I can't express how thankful I am despite the hiatus and overdue updates I promised to do long time ago. Haven't been writing for quite a while so I'm kinda spacing out and thinking at the same time because I'm in a state of lost for words hahah. Anyway, to those who are still here, or those who still check back to see if I actually updated anything, thank you guys for helping me keep this space alive, well in a way haha. I hope everyone of you is doing beyond well. :) 

♥ To start this post, I have to say that it's gonna be different from what I used to write every other year. I'll just be writing on the review instead. No resolutions because I've decided to keep my resolutions this year :) Okay, I better start going into my main purpose. :p


♥ So how was my 2016? Another challenging year I would say. Learnt alot, see alot and experienced alot. I can't say it's a bad experience because all these made me learn and grow. Been a year with alot of ups and downs but I'm glad another new chapter is starting soon. 

♥ 2016 :

- completed my final credit in May and officially a grade 11 graduate
- decided to go for a different path in life
- temporarily left home to pursue my studies
- be fully independent
- also had crazy hair colors for the CNY and another months after :p


♥ Now to keep things short, I'll skip to the part where I can express my gratitude to people whom I love and loves me back. This year wouldn't have been this great without all of you. 

♥ First and foremost, my amazing parents 

♥ As always, thank you for loving me as I am and thank you for supporting me in things I wanna do. Being outstation alone without you both is really hard. It's still hard, although it has been half a year. When things go wrong, I don't have anyone to run to. And when troubles come my way, I don't know how to handle it well. Although this temporary out of home thing is making me stronger and more independent, I just can't wait till I finish everything on the other side and run home. I can't wait till the day where goodbyes are not necessary anymore. Thank you both for being there for me always. You both are the reason why I'm out of home because I need to be successful so I am able to provide for you both like how you have provided for me for my whole life. To both my heart, I love you both wholly and I pray that 2017 will be a year filled with abundance and prosperity for our family. Stay healthy, stay happy and stay loving. I love you both so so much ♥ Thank you for being my greatest support.

♥ To this boy who stood by me through all, the boyf 

♥ Hello youu :p Thank you for being my 2nd greatest support as always. You have been amazing this year. Juggling between your exams and your assignments wasn't easy for you but you still took time off to talk to me, care for me and making me happy. Thank you for making 2016 amazing and thank you for tolerating my craziness. I pray that as we enter our 2nd year when the new year starts, God will bless our relationship and make our hearts pure and clean again. May you excel in your studies and be your own kind of proud. All the best in 2017 and all the other years to come my love. Love you 

♥ This girl who never fail to stand by me, my partner in crime,

♥ Hellooooo forest girl :p We haven't talked much this year but thank you for being as amazing as you were. Thank you for not changing and thank you for spending time with me each and everytime I come home. Thank you for sticking with me through ups and downs throughout the years we've known each other. Thank you for being the best partner in crime and doing all those crazy things with me. You're very important to me and you already know that. I pray that your resolutions in 2017 will be upon God's favor and may you complete your resolutions with a bam because you can do it. Jiayou okay! Love you! 

♥ Not forgetting this girl who has stuck with me for 11 years,

♥ Hello my Bestf! It has been a long 11 years since we've been friends. Can't thank God enough for placing you in my life. We have disagreements but we always made up in the end. Thank you for tolerating my and being my best listener whenever I need it. Thank you for guarding my heart just like how I'm always guarding yours. Thank you for loving me as I am and thank you for being there for me always. Thank you for all the advice and support you've shown and given to me. I pray that your career will have another turning point in 2017 and may God bless you in all ways! I'm waiting for your wedding invitation! HAHAHA! Love you as always! 

♥ To the girl who never changed even through distance, Anna Tan

♥ Helllooooo busiest woman in the group! So glad to see you during Christmas ♥ We haven't really talk much this year and we didn't meet alot as well but thank you for your unchanging love towards us even through distance. Thank you for staying the same despite not being in touch regularly. Thank you for being there for us whenever we need you and thank you for sharing the same faith, same values and same principles. Thank you for understanding me and still accepting me as I am. Blessed and grateful for you! I pray that your 2017 will be another great year and may it be a blast! May God continue to shower His grace and blessings in your life! Love youu! 

♥ To this group that never failed to cheer me up during bad times, my dearest V team,

♥ Yet another amazing year with you guys! Squad since 2013 and still counting! Thank you guys for making my days better when things are ugly. Thank you all those late night conversations that made me smile and thank you for being there for me always, during good or bad, you guys were there to support and care and to love as well. Truly blessed to be part of the squad and even more blessed to have come this far with each and everyone of you! Thank you for the amazing memories that we've shared this year and I'm looking forward to more! I pray that each and everyone of you will continue to excel in the things you all do and may God's greatness continue to be in your everyday lives and may His glory shine through the things each and everyone of you do! God bless and have a great 2017 ahead! Love you guys!! 

♥ Not forgetting my BBS 

♥ HELLOOOOO GUYS! :P Our friendship started from school friends and we have escalated to brothers. Yes, this is my bro squad and I'm extremely proud of them. Thank you guys for tolerating my craziness as always hahahaha. I know we haven't catch up much this trip I'm back but I promise I'll hang out with you guys more often during my sem break okay hahaha :p Anyway, thank you guys for making my 2016 amazing and thank you for being there for me and also being my bodyguards. Thank you for loving me as a jiejie and thank you for being part of my life. Truly blessed to be able to call you guys my brothers and even more blessed to be part of the squad. I pray that all of you will find your goals and slay 2017 together! All the best in school and I pray that you guys will continue to excel! I'm waiting for your graduation yo everyone! Hahha! Love you guys! 


♥ Before I end this post and close up this last post for the year, I have a few things I must say. 

♥ This year has taught me what true independence was. And I still have to go through another year of living outside of home before I can come back for good. Leaving home is like scraping part of my heart and put it in salt water. It hurts so much to leave home, my parents, the silly one and my close friends. But thank God, this distance not only brought everyone of us closer but it also taught me how to appreciate them more, like extra extra. The distance also taught me how to live and deal with people and solve things on my own. I have no one to depend on so it's either you be strong or you die. And obviously, I chose to be strong because no one can help me if I don't help myself. 

♥ This year has also taught me the differences between temporary people and permanent people. Temporary people are those who you have no choice but to be friends with them because you have to see them daily and you guys are in the same course so same school and shit. Temporary people are also people who don't share the same values as you do, people who don't understand your sarcasm and savageness and people who won't appreciate your kindness. All the things that I've listed above, I've met all of them and they are the same group of people. Permanent people? Simple. The ones back here at home. The ones who are close to my heart and the ones who have went through thick and thin with me. Permanent people to me, are the ones who loves me as I am even if they have already know me to the core. They accept my craziness as it is and still love me. I'm thankful for all the permanent people and temporary people? It's just temporary so why bother? ;)

♥ This year, my greatest joys are being able to come home. Each and every time I completed a train or flight booking, my heart just feels so warm and comfortable. This is living up the saying, 'home is where the heart is'. I thank God for being able to come home to where I'm most comfortable with, my comfort zone. I'm thankful that my coming home is always being welcomed by the people that loves me. 2016 is the year where gratitude is another whole new level. 

♥ Lastly, before I close this post, I just wanna thank each and everyone for helping me when I'm at my lowest and thank you for helping me gain strength when I'm weak. Thank you all for the support and love and care. 2016 wouldn't be this amazing without each and everyone of you. Thank you for all the amazing memories and I wish you guys all the best in the new year and may 2017 be a year full of blessings, love and joy for each and everyone of you, including me :D and also, my dear readers who are still here, whether you still check back or not, thank you for the endless support you guys have shown me in the previous years. Thank you for motivating me to write and thank you for still coming back to read despite the lack of updates. 


♥ I guess this is farewell for now. See you guys again in my 2017's review! HAHAHA! All the best everyone, in whatever you're doing. To you, no matter which part of the world you're in, know that you're truly blessed and loved despite the circumstances. Lots of love, x

♥ Signing off with love and blessings,
Karen xx 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Chuan Looi ; Lid & Let Live Exhibition // June 2014 .

♥ Hello worlddddd! Yes I'm still alive! HAHAHA! Anyway, I'm typing this while i wait for the bf to finish his programming exam. And woah man, this super super overdue entry will be 2 years old when June approaches. I actually kept this post pending for 2 years hahaha what the crapppp. But anyways, let me recall some of the details of this exhibition I went with a friend 2 years back. 

♥ The exhibition was held at Hin Bus Depot Art Centre and it was a exhibition I wanted to see really bad because who doesn't know who Chuan Looi is, like seriously? Chuan Looi takes amazing photos and his works are real gems. I'm not a art person but I do know about the quality of Chuan Looi's masterpieces. He's a amazing photographer and his pictures speaks. Vivid and alive. 

♥ I sincerely hope that anyone of you that is still reading this will enjoy the pictures as much as I do. I think I took pictures of his entire Lid and Let Live exhibition. I can't really remember but I think I did. Enjoy the pictures! ;)

♥ The most amazing part? Seeing Tracy Cheong and Duo Gigs there! Can't believe they're part of his work!

♥ And of course, Nicholas Teo too!

♥ I don't know if you guys will enjoy looking at all these like how much I do but I really hope you guys did enjoy. I have so many drafts pending but I'm not motivated to even edit them and publish them anymore. But I scrolled further and found this in my drafts. And I have to wait awhile for bf to finish so I thought why not? Haha. Anyway, we have come to the end of this post and I can't really say if I will continue updating. Because I'm no longer motivated. 

♥ But I saw my stats and found out that there are still people who comes back to read. You know what, I'm so thankful. Thank you for coming back to read tho this space is like dead now. I hope whoever that is still reading this will find joy in my old posts :) I really appreciate all the support. 

♥ My previous R & R 2015 received alot of views and I'm happy to be able to share the joy with you guys. Thank you for being happy for me. Thank you all for the support. It really means alot :)

♥ Till then, see you guys soon. Tho I can't really promise when will that be. But, I want to take this time to wish each and everyone of you all the best in whatever you're doing or gonna do and please take care! X 

♥ Lots of love, Karen xx